The Crumpet Cup is a UK-based cannabis cup taking place each year, with the results announced at Borofest festival.

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Entry categories include Flowers, Extracts (solvents or Solventless) and Edibles from some of the best growers, extractors and canna chefs around the Country.

Over the past 12 months we have been asked to judge a number of cannabis cups – this time we are judging the solvent cannabis extracts division, which includes things like Shatter, Wax, Diamonds & Sauce etc.

You can watch our first video about the judging process below which outlines some of our top entries to the solvents category of this year’s Crumpet Cup:

Judging Video Part 1

As you can see from the video above, there were some solid entries into this year’s Crumpet Cup. Plenty of diamonds and sauces, currently the most popular form of ‘high-end’ extract, and plenty of entries from the best extrators in the country.

We went into more detail about the entries involved in this competition, and announced the winners in our follow-up video on the ISMOKE YouTube channel which was released one week later:

The results were announced by Mara from Abscent Bags Europe and the announcements took place on Day 2 of Borofest:

Here are the final places in each category of this year’s Crumpet Cup:





Congratulations to everybody who won or placed in what was a very high standard of competition showing the excellence of the UK Cannabis scene.

That’s it for this year, see you next year for Crumpet Cup 2020 folks!

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