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The Most Counterfeit Strain in Colorado: Blue Dream!

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Did you know that in Colorado the dispensaries have an issue with counterfeit genetics? This is because you cannot sell cannabis without a name, so any genetics they don’t know they will label things like “Blue Dream” to encourage buyers to purchase.

My question is, if that is happening over in the States, how much of the cannabis we are smoking in the UK actually is the genetics we are told?With some strains can be slightly easier to smell (I can spot an OG strain a mile off) but for people less into cannabis, dealers could literally call it anything.

With some strains can be slightly easier to smell (I can spot an OG strain a mile off), others can be more difficult to identify, and for people less into cannabis dealers could literally call it anything.

I guess the moral of this is that when selecting your cannabis the strain name should be a less important factor than the quality of the bud.

Watch the video below for more info:

Blue Dream is the TOP selling cannabis strain in Colorado, BUT is the Blue Dream in your local dispensary the real deal?

“Join Leafbuyer, The Trichome Institute, and 420 Science as we dive into the Strain Name Dilemma! When dispensaries need to quickly sell marijuana flower, they often slap on a more popular strain name like Blue Dream or Girl Scout Cookies. Because legal marijuana is such a new phenomenon, the average cannabis consumer is uneducated about the differences between strains OR how to identify bad (moldy, unflushed, etc.) cannabis. Luckily, Max & Gary are here to help!:

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