Next up in our CBD review series is the Couchlockdown, a new flavour by The Goods CBD who specialise in recreational CBD extracts in the UK market. Their products can be found on the Hemp Elf website and you can use the code ISMOKE10 for 10% off on-site.

Apparance of this extract is the same as The Goods extracts look in terms of colour, the wax is darker than the shatter which is almost white with a slight yellow tint.

The shatter is 99% CBD and the wax 80% CBD – also present in both extracts are terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

couchlockdown, Couchlockdown CBD Extract Review, ISMOKE
CBD Shatter

The terpenes used in this extracts are from their own crop out in Spain, so the couchlockdown is infused with a natural hemp flavour with entirely hemp-derived terpenes. This makes for an enjoyable dabbing experience!

Dabbing this makes me feel alert and uplifted whilst remaining completely clear-headed, CBD works differently for everyone, but can be good during the daytime when working as it can enhance focus, dull anxiety and level out bad moods amongst many other things.

couchlockdown, Couchlockdown CBD Extract Review, ISMOKE

As these extracts don’t contain THC they are sold legally online here and are very reasonably priced at £19.99 / 0.5g £34.99 / 1g.

Watch the review video below or click here to watch on YouTube

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