What would happen if coffee and caffeine were banned

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We recently saw a series of powerful and thought-provoking tweets by Canadian cannabis activist Dana Larsen who posed the question “What if coffee and caffeine were banned tomorrow?”

Dana is the previous editor of Cannabis Culture in Canada, working alongside Marc Emery from its launch in 1994 until 2005.

He is also a very prominent cannabis activist, with a strong political career working towards legalisation in Canada.

Recently Dana tweeted something which really made us think, and we hope that it will make prohibitionists think too. So if you know somebody who thinks cannabis should remain illegal but loves to drink a cup of joe in the morning, well, now you more ammo for your argument:

Read Dana’s series of tweets below:

This series of tweets certainly highlights the stupidity of continued prohibition when it clearly makes everything about drugs more dangerous.

If something as innocuous as coffee has the potential to be treated in this way, yet is relatively fine and safe as an accepted part of society, then it is high time we took a look at another substance – cannabis – which has never killed anybody – and our approach to those who consume it.

Free the herb!

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