Clothes for Stoners – Burnablunt Clothing Co.

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, Clothes for Stoners – Burnablunt Clothing Co.

These guys hail themselves as The OFFICIAL Clothing For The Cannabis Culture, and we can see why. We were very excited to receive our package from Burnablunt this morning.

Inside we found some stylish and original t-shirts for men and women – check out the snaps we took:

The men’s t-shirts are brilliant – each design is unique and original. The women’s pieces are beautiful, with rhinestones and bows to complete the pieces. Make sure you also check out BurnaBlunt’s other clothes on their website, they have tons more designs to choose from!

ISMOKE’s favourites:

, Clothes for Stoners – Burnablunt Clothing Co.

, Clothes for Stoners – Burnablunt Clothing Co.

The T-shirts are priced in dollars, as BurnaBlunt Clothing Co. is American – but their speedy shipping meant that we received our package within a week of dispatch! New to the UK, Burnablunt is ready to help us share our love of cannabis culture with the world in a stylish and original manner.

So, for the outright stoner Burnablunt Clothing is definitely a must have! We will be rocking these tees at every opportunity!

You can also become a fan of Burnablunt Clothing Co. on Facebook.


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