Clementine Strain review & Information

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Clementine is bred by Crockett Family Farms. It combines Tangie Lemon Skunk, to deliver a tangy citrus blast that distinguishes it even from other orange-inspired strains on the market.

Crockett Family Farms is based in the US and are responsible for Tangie and Strawberry Banana, but have over 150 other strains in their genetic library. 

This strain is a hybrid, which shows in its appearance as the nugs capture the skunky vibrant greens with a hybrid bud structure.

The aroma is distinctly citrus, tangy and orange. Interestingly the lemon does not come through obviously in any way into the smell of Clementine.

clementine, Clementine Strain review & Information, ISMOKE

This strain has been crossed with Purple Punch to produce Mimosa, another popular orange-inspired cultivar. Personally, I prefer the flavour of the Clementine with its citrus zing (and even the Purple Punch with its fruity berry flavour) to the Mimosa. However, Mimosa is still a nice smoke.

The tangy orange comes through in the flavour, giving the joint an orange zesty, spicy terp profile. The extract delivers a strong sweet and syrupy but still somehow tangy orange flavour when vaporized using a dab rig.

Clementine is an excellent strain to consume in the daytime, as it hits without an overt sense of sedation, giving the consumer an uplift of energy and joy. It is not a cloudy high either, so the clear-headed nature of the high will be appreciated by those who need to get things done after smoking this.

I have been lucky enough to try two forms of the extract, diamonds and sauce and shatter, the latter of which didn’t make it into the video. However, the quality of this shatter was second to none, with top tier clarity giving it an almost glass-like appearance.

clementine, Clementine Strain review & Information, ISMOKE

Nugbusters extracted from the flower using Butane, and the resulting Diamonds and Sauce are also outstanding quality. Clear faucets can be seen on the THCa diamonds themselves, which could almost be oozing the terpy sauce that they are sitting in!

clementine, Clementine Strain review & Information, ISMOKE

The joint came in a glass tube with a cork (fancy) branded with a ‘Triple Clementine’ sticker on the front. I’d estimate there are 1.5-2 grams of flower in there alongside some extract and kief just to supercharge things up a bit. Enjoying this by myself, I was treated to a satiating and uplifting high which put me in an excellent mood for the next few hours and made dinner taste fantastic.

clementine, Clementine Strain review & Information, ISMOKE

Overall Clementine is a wonderful strain capturing golden genetics. I am surprised the Lemon Skunk is not more present in this cross, but the Tangie is evidently the terpier of the two, and that is why the Clementine is orangey and not lemony. 

I tend to dab the extract in the daytime for inspiration, creativity or a bit of a boost if my energy levels wane. 

Watch the video review featuring Clementine below.

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