Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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This week we are taking a look at a brand new strain coming out of the UK called Chocolate Starfish.

Bred by HighPants Genetics, this strain crosses (Karma OG x chocolate mountain) and (Birthday cake x Chocolate Diesel). Note: a mix-up in the lineage info led to initially describing this one as entirely Karma OG x Chocolate Mountain in the video review.

, Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This is a sativa dominant hybrid stain, exhibiting effect more on this side of the spectrum, certainly notable uplift.

It has been bred and grown in the UK by a good friend of mine.

, Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


There is a subtle-yet-boutique look to this flower. The lighter green colours are punctured by bright pistils.

The nugs are smaller, but calyxs have substance, like little shrunken indica buds. Not super dense, has a bit of give

The chocolate starfish sample has had a good trim and the buds look tasty.

, Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This strain smells fantastic!

Sweet sharp notes resonate out of the bud with no cracking of the nugs required. It smells like moonshine X ghost train haze, a strain I had a few years ago via a contact at London Smoking Club

The sweetness is almost haze-like, but a bit different. And there are pungent skunky notes- about 5-7% permeating through the complex aroma as well, particularly after the bud is ground.

One of my favourite smelling strains in a long time.


, Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Smoking the chocolate starfish cannabis strain through a bowl gives a slightly hotter than usual experience.

Vaping it in the mighty is particularly pleasant, as the deliciously rich smell comes through into the taste of the vapour.

Smoking it in a joint, the chocolate starfish burns cleanly with white ash.


This strain sits more on the sativa side of things, with effects that are clear-headed, racey and lead to increased pace of thoughts – think creativity, inspiration, or in my case, channeling me into the review video and enhancing my senses

Smoking and vaping it can actually remove hunger in the short-term, I was feeling hungry before filming but weirdly not after.

, Chocolate Starfish Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This is a different strain, for sure! Areas it excels in are smell and effects, plus the taste in the dry herb vaporizer.

You can watch the review here on YouTube

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