Chocolate Mint OG Strain review & Information

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Welcome to our Chocolate Mint OG cannabis information feature! Here you’ll find our smoke report featuring this strain, along with photos, descriptions and a video review featuring two phenotypes of Chocolate Mint OG.


Bred by Humboldt Seeds, Chocolate Mint OG combines OG Kush (Emerald Cut) and Granddaddy Purple, creating an indica-heavy strain with sweet, fresh tones. This batch is by Mario Budders.

The THC in this bud can sit between 22-26%, making it a reasonably strong smoke.

Interestingly, one phenotype tastes more like OG Kush and the other one more like Grandaddy Purple!


Both phenotypes of the Chocolate Mint OG look delicious:

Chocolate Mint OG, Chocolate Mint OG Strain review & Information

The nugs of chocolate mint OG are dense and a little compressed. It has a dusty look from the trichomes covering the bud.

The colour is a lovely light green with hints of white, and the pistils are a rich orange hue.


Stong gassy notes emit from phenotype 1 like there’s no tomorrow. Phenotype 2, on the other hand, smells sweeter and more like Grandaddy Purple, although still with hints of gassy cannabis aroma.

Grinding up both samples, I can smell the pine and sweetness in phenotype 2 more clearly whereas phenotype 1 of Chocolate Mint OG is like a gas overload.


Smoking both of these samples through my bong gave me a good idea of the smoking experience of the Chocolate Mint OG. I also pressed a small part of each bud into a dab’s worth of Rosin which gave me a clearer picture of the flavour.

It is difficult to pick a favourite because I love both of the parent strains, but in my experience, each phenotype leans towards one parent more. So at a push, phenotype 1 (the gassy, meaty phenotype) gets my vote – justs – over the lighter, sweeter phenotype 2.

Hitting each sample through my bong, I get a wonderfully rich and smooth smoke that doesn’t leave me needing to cough. The pine comes through, particularly with phenotype 2, but it is nowhere near as pronounced as when dabbing the extract which delivered a sweet pine taste.

I prefer the flavour dabbing this, but it tastes nice enough through my bong that I could smoke it all day long.


Chocolate Mint OG, Chocolate Mint OG Strain review & Information

at 22-26% THC Chocolate Mint OG delivers a strong indica-led high, although with a notable uplift as the first effect to kick in.

I get an enjoyable wave settling into a relaxing stone from smoking and dabbing this strain.


I think that Mario did a great job with this, as both samples look, smell and taste great.

This is the sort of strain I could smoke consistently, particularly if I had access to both phenotypes which each deliver their own little package of THC-fuelled goodness.

I wish I had pressed more of the bud to get a bigger/better dab, and hope to try some wax or similar terpy Chocolate Mint OG extract soon.

Watch our review video below

Chocolate Mint OG Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.

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