We tried out an electronic herb grinder – here are the results

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For those of us who have been consuming cannabis for years changing our smoking ritual can sometimes be quite difficult.

For instance, I have always used a traditional shark tooth or metal tooth grinder. The side-to-side grinding movement can even be somewhat therapeutic, providing the grinder isn’t stuck together with material left over from previous grinds.

And thinking about it, traditional grinders aren’t perfect. I’ve had dodgy ones; ones which have stuck together too quickly or were rubbish at their one job – grinding the weed. Anybody who has ever used a pin-head style grinder will know what I’m talking about.

So I am always open to trying new things that might improve the overall cannabis consumption experience. Enter the Chewy 2 Grinder.

The Chewy 2 is an electronic grinder product which has been designed in Ireland and assembled in China. It comes in a small box with a user guide and is ready to use as soon as you’ve attached a 9V battery.

The Chewy 2 works by using a spring-loaded mechanism to push your herbs towards the rotating grinder, and upon testing delivers a fine and consistent grind that is perfect for bong bowls or vape chambers.

You can insert up to 3 grams of flower into the grinder and then use the single button on the side to dispense the required amount at your leisure.

Watch us use the Chewy 2 to load up and smoke 6 bongs in our video review and test out now on our Vimeo page.

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The Results

We had plenty of fun using the Chewy 2 grinder. While figuring out the trigger took a little getting used to, the consistency of the dispensed flower beats the course grind offered by my other grinders.

While the device isn’t perfect and can feel a bit fiddly when trying to get the spring back in place, overall the Chewy 2 makes a great addition to my smoking set-up and I’ll be using this to load my bongs from now on for sake of ease!

The Chewy 2 is on sale now for £69.99 – you can get your Chewy 2 from Namaste Vaporizers here (remember to use our discount code ismoke)