Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review

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This is episode 2 in our Grinder Review Series and features the Chewy 2 electronic herb grinder.

The Chewy 2.0 was released in 2017, following the 2015 release of the original Chewy grinder. The updated model features a fully aluminium frame and it also comes apart slightly differently from the original for cleaning.

, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

I originally took a look at this device back in May 2018 and you can read that article here.

The device uses a 9V battery – somewhat unique amongst grinders – but can deliver up to 3000 bowls on a single battery, and I have not had to change my battery in the couple of years I have owned this device.

, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

The Chewy grinder has a unique flattened shape, but can store 3 grams of bud in the grinding compartment, making it a suitble choice for regular consumers.

The one-handed operation is also a benefit to patients who may struggle with the dexterity required to operate a regular herb grinder.

, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE
, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

The washing-machine blades of the Chewy 2 chop rather than grind your herb, and it moves clockwise/counter-clockwise each time the button is pressed which improves functionality. It does have a noticable whirring sound during operation which some consumers might find annoying particularly if they are trying to roll something with stealth.

, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

Cleaning is a breeze, but requires a cotton swab and some coconut oil to wipe away the built up herb traces in the device. Mine didn’t jam after 2 years before I finally cleaned it for the video, but I was not using it daily, or even weekly, at that point. Since the review however, the Chewy 2 is back on my desk and ready for action at all times.

, Chewy 2.0 – Grinder Review, ISMOKE

My ratings of the Chewy 2 can be broken down as follows:

Look & Feel: 7/10
Use & Functionality: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Shredability: 8/10

Total score: 7.5/10

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