Cherry Hemp Extract Review

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Last week we filmed a video review of the Cherry Hemp products you can purchase for dabbing in the UK.

The whole recreational side of the CBD market is very new over here, and most of the products we had previously tried have been focused on the supplements/medical market (although not explicitly stating the latter). 

The Cherry Hemp extracts come in a form that looks somewhere between shatter and RSO, in pots of 0.5 and 1gram. On the UKCBD website, it states that “This product can be ingested, dabbed, rubbed on the skin or blended into almost anything you wish.” Dabbing it is the ISMOKE recommended consumption method with this extract, and we will explain why later in the article.

We tried two types of the Cherry Hemp extract – one which is currently for sale on UKCBD’s website, with 70% CBD content, and another ‘Winterized’ and more terpy version which will be on sale at some point in the future.

, Cherry Hemp Extract Review
Cherry Hemp extracts

If you look at the UKCBD website you’ll see various extracts for sale – the 70% extract we tried has one of the highest CBD contents and also contains full-spectrum cannabinoids rather than just purely extracted CBD.

The ‘Cherry Hemp’ strain itself is an interesting one, and we hope to sample some of the flower (bud!) very soon so we can provide further insight.  The stain info isn’t currently available on Leafly.

, Cherry Hemp Extract Review
Cherry Hemp Cannabis Strain

As you’ll see in our video review, dabbing the Cherry Hemp extract is a great experience, and you get a strong flavour and delicious smell as the vapour permeates the room. The reason we advise dabbing the extract is that vaping CBD is a great way to get it into your system, and this natural cannabis flavour tastes best when dabbed. We wouldn’t waste any of ours eating it (although there would be nothing wrong with that)!

We were really surprised to find that high-quality extract like this is actually legally on sale in the UK. Comparing it to things like Shatter or Wax, this product is very similar, and although you don’t experience the strong high that usually follows a good dab, you definitely feel good after a dab of a high % CBD extract. There will be trace amounts of THC, but the CBD-effect on your body seems to give good relaxation, anxiety relief and is a good way to get ready for the day ahead!

, Cherry Hemp Extract Review
Various Extracts

Watch our video review of the Cherry Hemp Products below for more information:

The Cherry Hemp extract is currently on sale over at UKCBD.COM You can buy it here

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