Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Cherry Cola is an indica-dominant hybrid strain recently developed by Dank Hunters Seed Co.

This one is available on Pure Sativa later on this year, but at the moment isn’t widely available. I was lucky enough to get access to a sample via someone I know who was given a tester to grow.


, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKEThis strain was developed by crossing Cherry Cookies X ZkittleZ BX1. Cherry Cookies (Female) is Cherry Pie X Cookies F2 and ZkittleZ BX1 (Male) is ZkittleZ X Zkittlewood which was developed with the aim of introducing a fizzy flavour.

The strain leans to the indica side in terms of effects but envokes a nice high that encompasses effects on both ends of the spectrum.


, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This strain has a dank, frosty look to it – the almost blueish, whitesh tinge is broken up by the deep orange pop of the pistils.

The bud structure is nice and reasonably dense, with some bases of the leaves remaining. The sample is frosted with trichomes which change the colour of the bud, giving it an even lighter appearance.


, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Cherry Cola initially smells sweet, but doesn’t give hints to the ZkittleZ parentage while the bud remains intact. When broken up, however, an intense fruity fizziness fills the air, kind of like the sweet sister of some of the more pungent fruity strains.

Grinding to achieve maximum temperature I start to experience the madness of those ZkittleZ terps.

Taste & Smoking/Vaping Experience

, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

This smokes smoothly in the bong, delivering some of those sweet, fruity terps, but I don’t get a super apparent terp profile via this consumption method. Despite burning cleanly, the taste just isn’t very strong through the bong.

Vaping this using the Mighty Vaporiser is a different story – I get pure sweet notes that remind me strongly of ZkittleZ, but with a nice fizz. Hints of Cherry.

This strain tastes great when vaped, and vaping is definitely the way I’d prefer to consume this one to appreciate the complexity of those ZkittleZ-inspired notes.


, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Cherry Cola Cannabis hits hard and fast, leaving me with redeye shortly after consumption. As it leans towards the indica side of the spectrum, expect relaxation and a happy body feeling in addition to the standard high.

I would place this above 20% THC if I had to guess (which I do).

Smoke this one during the afternoon/evening for maximum enjoyability.


, Cherry Cola Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

Due for release later on in the year, Cherry Cola certainly has a lot of potential as a cannabis strain.

The fizziness of the ZkittleZ BX1 gives this strain something different, which I really like. The look, smell, taste and effects are all good too.

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