Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain Review

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Join me for another ISMOKE report, this week featuring Cherry Bomb.


This particular sample of Cherry Bomb has a bit of a wild, crazy look with faded orange popping pistils and trichomes dotting the bud that are dull rather than sparkly.

The bud looks like it’s UK-grown, no compression or the density you’d expect to find with some imported buds. The trim job on this sample isn’t the best, with plenty of bits of leaves to pick off.


Initially smelling this strain I was a bit disappointed – the bud doesn’t give off a particularly strong scent, just hints of sweetness.

Grinding up the Cherry Bomb, I got more of a sweet cannabis scent that unfortunately was a bit too cloudy to describe accurately, but quite hazey – not too different from the Hawaiian Haze I reviewed recently.


I consumed the Cherry Bomb through my bong – it was incredibly smooth, but I don’t find the taste comes through that much with this strain.

Despite smoking a large bowl I didn’t get much flavour at all, but the lack of intensity was notable. At a push I’d say I got a bit of a hazey, sweet taste, but no cherry or skunk with this sample.


As an indica-dominant hybrid strain Cherry Bomb delivers a mild cerebral high which I found kept me productive. The bong didn’t hit me particularly hard, leaving me fully functioning which I liked – perfect for daytime smoking.

I also got some feelings of mild relaxation and elation from this sample of the Cherry Bomb cannabis strain.


Although it’s not one of my favourites, Cherry Bomb delivered a nice high so I’d be happy to smoke it again.

Watch the Cherry Bomb ISMOKE Report below:

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