Cherry Blossom Kush Review

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Recently on the channel we covered two new forms of cannabis extract – one was cherry blossom kush and the other ZkittleZ X Wedding Cake.

In a video filmed for YouTube we went into detail about each, discussing look, smell taste and effect in a similar fashion to our strain review series.

Cherry Blossom Kush, Cherry Blossom Kush Review
Cherry Blossom Kush

The Cherry Blossom Kush was somewhere between wax and diamonds and sauce, without big visible diamonds but with the saucy terp-filled flavour.

The ZkittleZ X Wedding Cake was right in the middle of both strains. It was another wax, but this one lighter both in colour and consistency.

Cherry Blossom Kush, Cherry Blossom Kush Review
ZkittleZ X Wedding Cake

The flavour of both of these was lovely, so much so that it was difficult to pick a favourite. But we think the Cherry Blossom Kush edged it due to its unique but tasty terp profile. The ZkittleZ X Wedding Cake tasted lovely, but both strains are becoming more and more popular and we’ve smoked them both recently.

Effects kicked in fast – but it became difficult to distinguish between the highs due to consuming both together. However did certainly notice we settled into a nice relaxed hybrid high feeling that lasted a while.

You can watch our experiences with these extracts here on the YouTube channel. Or alternatively, watch it below!

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