Chemdog Strain Review

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Chemdawg is a cannabis strain that is so classic that it gave rise to other classics such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Today on ISMOKE we are taking a look at this strain in a bit more detail in our exclusive Chemdawg strain review.

In my video review today I’m taking a look at this old school cannabis strain as I try to get an idea of the appearance, smell, taste and effects of Chemdawg.

Chemdawg Strain Review, Chemdog Strain Review, ISMOKE
Chemdawg Cannabis Strain


Chemdawg is a vibrant green, with almost over-developed looking buds that don’t look so neatly wrapped around each other like some of the other strains I’ve sampled recently. The trichomes are very visible.

This particular batch didn’t have the trim job I was expecting, with popcorn leaf in fair supply around the bud which made it seem like more of a commercial trim job than a professional one.


An earthy, diesel smell is given off from the buds which gets more apparent when they’re broken up or ground.

My favourite thing about the Chemdawg strain is the smell which does not disappoint. Just smelling this phenotype gave me the impression that it was cured properly, something which the taste later showed overwise.


The taste of Chemdawg apparently is full of diesel and earthy notes, although I didn’t get this so much from this particular batch.

I was disappointed with the taste compared to the smell of this strain. I put this down to it not being cured for long enough, meaning the taste didn’t come through enough through my bong.

It did taste particularly smooth and fresh, so I think had been flushed correctly, it just could have done with an extra few weeks in a curing jar for optimum flavour.


Chemdawg is a hybrid strain so will give the consumer effects found in both indica and sativa cannabis varieties including relaxation, euphoria and creativity.

The Chemdawg strain review left me feeling the hybrid effects. According to leafly and a cannabinoid test report I read doing research before the video, can contain around 16-28% THC, and this batch felt like it was on the more potent side.

I got a nice relaxed feeling coupled with happiness that just added to the enjoyment of my morning.

Chemdawg Strain Review, Chemdog Strain Review, ISMOKE
Chemdawg Bud close-up


I love cannabis history, and getting hold of some Chemdawg to sample was a real treat. Despite this batch not being at optimal quality, the genetics of the Chemdawg strain are fantastic if you’re into your old school cannabis strains.

Watch our Chemdawg strain review below:

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