Cheesedog Haze & Super Silver Haze - Wake and BAke Episode 34

Cheesedog Haze, Super Silver Haze feature in Wake and Bake with Tyler Green [Episode 34]

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Hello, and welcome to another weekly edition of our Wake and Bake sessions featuring ISMOKE’s Tyler Green and some new cannabis strains to kick off your week.

Today, join us as we take a look at Cheesedog Haze by Connoisseur Genetics – this is the result of crossing UK Cheese X Chemdawg to get Cheesedog and then crossing this with Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze (SSSDH) to get Cheesedog Haze.

The other strain on the menu today needs no introduction, but we will do it anyway – this absolute classic smells like an Amsterdam coffeeshop in a bag. It’s a delightful award-winning Sativa strain – yes, it’s Super Silver Haze!

Join us as we consume both of these strains in today’s Wake and Bake video.

Want more?

You can read all about Super Silver Haze in our SSH Cannabis Strain review and smoke report feature:

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