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Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review

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Over the past couple of months ISMOKE has been working to establish relationships with companies operating in the CBD market here in the UK.

Last week we went to meet UKCBD, a CBD product distributor based in Kent who sell a range of CBD products from a variety of sources on-site. 

They gave us a couple of Charlotte’s Web products to sample. We were excited to try these as it is a strain we have wanted to try for a while.

Bred for its high CBD and low THC content, Charlotte’s Web was developed in the US by The Stanley Brothers and CW Botanicals. The strain is particularly noted to help with forms of epilepsy such as Dravett Syndrome, and its use among junior medical cannabis patients in the US has seen some patients going from hundreds of seizures per day to only a couple per week.

, Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review, ISMOKE

Click here for strain info on Leafly

While UKCBD don’t manufacture their own CBD products they have relationships with a number of US suppliers enabling them to bring products to the UK CBD market.

Here is what they gave us to review from CW Botanicals:

, Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review, ISMOKE
Charlottes Web Products

Charlotte’s web CBD Vape Pens:

Each Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen contains 50mg of CBD and around 350 puffs. Unlike standard vape pens this doesn’t come with a charger, and you simply take it out of the box and it is ready to go.

, Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review, ISMOKE

The CBD is mixed with PG rather than VG, but we found this was a good thing as it makes each puff feel like more of a hit as opposed to the smoother VG mix we have tried. It comes in a variety of flavours – Natural, Strawberry, Chocolate Mint and Watermelon.

The effects when vaping CBD are quick, as it is one of the most effective delivery methods, so this pen could be good for things like anxiety although UK CBD cannot make medicinal claims on their products.

The disposible vape pens are currently on sale over at UKCBD and cost £22.46 on the UKCBD Website – 25% off.

Charlotte’s Web Infused Topical Gel

, Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review, ISMOKE
Charlottes Web Topical Gel

Next up we had the Charlotte’s Web topical CBD gel –

The topical gel has an excellent delivery method – you press the back and it dispenses exactly 2mg of the CBD gel. The whole thing contains 100mg of CBD and it is designed to be applied to non-fatty sections of your skin, containing 50 2mg servings.

Upon trying the gel we found it to have a nice cooling/relieving effect, and applying the gel topically is a good way to get cannabinoids if you don’t want to eat/vape etc, although I’m sure the absorption rate will be lower than vaping or consuming CBD products.

The Charlotte’s Web topical gel is £29.96 on the UKCBD website, again with 25% off!

For more info on the products above you can watch our video review of the Charlottes Web Products:

Thoughts on Price?

Much in the way that Apple products are more expensive in the UK (almost the same number of pounds in the UK as it is dollars in America for the same products), the CBD market still has a bit of a markup here in the UK, so you can expect to pay a bit more to a UK supplier –  one thing that comes up often in comments is that customers feel that the products should be cheaper. We hope that as the products become more readily available in the UK and are more mass-produced that we will see this price falling over the next few years.

That being said, if you are looking for CBD products which contain full-spectrum cannabinoids that are made from medicinal cannabis extract then you should understand the costs involved in producing and importing it are going to be high.

We will be back soon with more CBD Product reviews as we continue our quest to map the CBD market in the UK!



, Charlotte’s Web Vape Pens & Topical Infused Gel UKCBD Review, ISMOKE