What You Need to Know About Using CBD for Recovery

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As the latest and greatest wellness trend on the market, CBD has taken the world by storm with its potent effects that are said to work wonders on various areas of a person’s being. With advantages that impact everything from physical well-being to concentration and cognitive activity and more, CBD is being paraded as the plant-based miracle elixir we’ve all been waiting for.

Recent studies have found that aside from all of the wonderful benefits that CBD has demonstrated in the past, the substance might very well help with the intricate process of recovery. So, whether you’re dealing with post-operative discomfort, if you’re battling it out with the common cold, or if you’re nursing an injured arm, CBD might just be able to offer you some indispensable advantages.

CBD for recovery, What You Need to Know About Using CBD for Recovery, ISMOKE

How Does CBD Help with Recovery?

It’s first important to know what exactly recovery means. There are various types of this regenerative process, and it can pertain to multiple situations. In general, to recovery simply means to return to a normal state of wellness, health, or being. This can refer to recovering from a cold, or recovering after surgery. In many cases, recovery can also pertain to the process between workout sessions when you let your body rest and regroup after a tough fitness routine.

Lots of studies have been conducted to find out how CBD can help with these processes, and the findings have been astounding. It’s worth noting however that CBD’s role in the recovery process has yet to be firmly established, although research is promising. Despite that, anecdotal support tells us that there is strong reason to believe that CBD can actually work in the process of recovery.

It does this through its strong anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing the impact of inflammation on all the various parts of our body, the cannabinoid works to limit the time it takes for us to recover from all sorts of conditions and issues. One study found that CBD could actually help relieve the symptoms of the common cold by reducing inflammation in the sinus, thus decreasing the discomfort of sinus pressure and a stuffy nose.

In the same way, this anti-inflammatory power can also help with recovery post-op. One study discovered that patients placed on CBD treatment after a surgery were less inclined to feel muscle and joint pain and soreness, as well as headaches. For fitness buffs, CBD has been the go-to solution for post-workout discomfort that helps reduce the amount of time spent resting between workout sessions.

What CBD Products Can Help with Pain?

CBD for recovery, What You Need to Know About Using CBD for Recovery, ISMOKE

That really depends on what you want to target. For generalized pain and discomfort, it may be necessary to take CBD in a form that targets the entire body. For instance, smoking the raw flower, taking a tincture under the tongue, or ingesting an edible or a supplement can help infuse the CBD into your bloodstream for systemic benefits. Then again, this might not fit every situation.

After a nasty fall, or if you’re feeling a little sore in the shoulders after working out, a topical solution may be more than enough to give you a dose of well-deserved relief. Creams, lotions, and healing salves are available on the market, promising substantial ease against the common pains of injury and exercise.

Another thing you should consider when choosing the right product is the bioavailability of a specific formulation. This simply pertains to how much of the Industrial Hemp Farms CBD is available for your body to use upon introducing it into your system. Generally speaking, smoking the raw flower comes out on top as the delivery method with the highest bioavailability. That means that when you smoke hemp flower, your body absorbs more of the cannabinoids than it would with any other method.

Eating CBD edibles might seem like a fun way to get your daily dose, but the digestive process can significantly reduce the amount of CBD you get after having to breakdown the food on its way to your liver. Then of course, topicals have the lowest bioavailability rate and tend to work the slowest, but for targeted performance, there’s really no better option.

What’s the Right Dosage?

Here’s a big question that almost everyone asks sometime in their experience with CBD. What’s the right CBD dosage for me? And more importantly, what’s the right dosage if I’m after the therapeutic relief that CBD provides? Keep in mind that the math behind calculating CBD dosage isn’t set in stone, and there are a variety of factors that could change the ideal intake for your specific situation.

To give you a better idea, CBD dosages can vary depending on your:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Specific body chemistry
  • Tolerance
  • Condition being targeted

Some people with a higher tolerance might require larger doses of CBD to achieve its therapeutic benefits. Then there are others with reactive body chemistry, able to reap the advantages of relief with just a small amount of the miracle plant-based chemical.

In a lot of ways, figuring out the ideal dosage can feel a lot like trial and error. On average, however, experts will recommend around 25mg of CBD twice daily as the standard, starting dose. If you take this amount and find that it just doesn’t work out for you, then you might want to consider taking it up a notch and then working your way to finding the amount that produces the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for.

A Faster Way to Recover

Sure, the FDA has yet to approve the claims surrounding CBD’s benefits for recovery. But being one of the safest substances on the market to date, you might find yourself thinking hey, there’s really nothing to lose – and everything to gain. Based on strong anecdotal evidence, CBD can be a great way to recover after all sorts of issues that might cause pain and discomfort. And if you manage to find a product that really jives with your system, you might find yourself out of bed and back in the groove in record time.

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