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Growing Pains
Growing Pains – A Short Film
Growing Pains is a short film written and directed by Jack Curtis and presented by BFI Network. It has so far won two awards, including Best Screenplay at the Dam Short Film Festival and Best International Short at the Anthem Film Festival. The film was released to watch for free on 20th April to celebrate…
In Conversation with a UK Medical Cannabis Patient
In November 2018 the landscape of medical cannabis in the UK took a turn towards progressive with the legalisation of cannabis-based products for medicinal use (CBPMS), dispensed by specialist doctors through an expanding network of private clinics. This change has enabled individuals across the UK to seek medical cannabis treatment for various ailments, provided they…
An Interview with Clark French, Director of the United Patients Alliance

Welcome back to another ISMOKE Interview. This series was produced to give you an insight into some of the UK's prominent activists, discussing life, the universe, and all things cannabis!

This week we are sitting down with Clark French. Clark is the Founder & director of the United Patients Alliance, an organisation formed in 2014 to promote the medical benefits of cannabis. It is formed of patients, carers and compassionate people who want to see cannabis laws changed in this country.
An interview with Simpa Carter from Durham City Cannabis Club

ISMOKE Interviews is our cannabis-themed interview series, designed to give you an insight into people involved with UK cannabis legalisation campaign.

In the last episode, we launched the series with an interview with Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community, which you can watch here if you missed it. This episode features Simpa Carter, founder & chairman of Durham City Cannabis Club, as well as regular guest article-writer for ISMOKE Magazine with his post-prohibition series, which you can find here. We sat down with Simpa to film an exclusive interview all about the man himself; his passions, his experiences so far, and of course, a lot more cannabis-related topics.
An interview with Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community

Over the past few months we have been putting together a brand new series designed to give you an insight into some of the activists working towards legalisation in the UK cannabis industry.

Our first episode features Sy Dignam from Hampshire Cannabis Community. For the past few years we have met Sy at several events and always see him flying the Hampshire Cannabis Community banner loud and proud! We sat down with Sy this week to see what drives him, and what his aims and ideas are around the blossoming cannabis industry that we can expect with legalisation in the UK.
An Interview with Stormin MC

Few people can lift a crowd the way Stormin can.

One of the most distinctive voices in grime and DnB, he is a masterful solo MC and was a member of one of the grime scene’s founding collectives, N.A.S.T.Y Crew.

Rest in Power Stormin MC (15 February 1984 – 19 February 2018).

An east London native, Stomin’s family brought him up with jungle. From a young age, Stormin understood that it would be difficult for an MC to break into the drum and bass scene.