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The Many Uses of Hemp by Tyler Green
As I revisit my exploration of the versatile and enduring benefits of Hemp, first shared through ISMOKE magazine in 2011-2012, it strikes me how much our understanding and acceptance of cannabis, in its various forms, has evolved. Back then, the articles were delivered piecemeal, in segmented insights. I present this compendium today, uniting those insights…
Seed The Future UK Hemp Awareness Event
Yesterday I attended the Seed The Future Protest which took place in London as well as several locations across the country (Newcastle, Brighton and Belfast). This public event focused on the massive potentials of Hemp, a vastly underused resource due to cannabis prohibition. The hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) is the name given to strains…
hemo oil
THC in CBD Oil & UK Law – Why it doesn’t make sense

Many consumers have questions about the trace amounts of THC found in CBD oils and with that in mind we wanted to break it down here.

Following the recent study of the UK CBD market by the Centre for Medical Cannabis there have been various headlines about illegal levels of THC in CBD oils followed by calls for extra regulation. Food standards regulations already apply to any product sold for human consumption, so lets look at how much THC the average CBD oil user is getting into their system. The CMC study found the average THC content of 30 different CBD oils on the UK market to be 0.04%, in a 10ml bottle containing 5% CBD (500mg). This equals an average of 4mg THC per bottle. The study also found the average consumer is spending £25 per month, while those 'with a presumed medically orientated usage' spending on average £55 per month. Of the various priced products ranging from extracts to edibles on the market, you could say the average user (at £25) is consuming around 300mg CBD (and 2.4mg THC) per month, and the 'presumed medically orientated user' (at £55) is consuming around 800mg CBD (and 6.4mg THC) per month. Lets give that some perspective. When hemp seed oil was reintroduced for human consumption in the mid 90's, it was not uncommon find seed oils to contain in excess of 100ppm THC, from both European and Chinese origin. 100ppm THC in a 1 litre bottle = 100mg THC. Extra care and attention to the seed washing process have been implemented since, and washed hemp seeds can now be expected to contain around 5-10ppm THC, which can be reduced to around 3ppm when dehulled. 3ppm in 1kg = 3mg THC. Based on a review of the available studies, the Swiss government set its limit for THC in hemp seed oil at 50ppm. 50ppm in 1 litre = 50mg THC.
Meeting CBD Brothers

Last week I travelled up to meet Andrew and Ben, directors of the CBD Brothers company at their base near Bury St Edmunds, UK.

I've wanted to visit CBD Brothers ever since I first sampled their CBD oil back in April 2016 -it was actually one of the first videos I made for the ISMOKE YoutTube channel. Since then I've kept in touch with the company, and have seen their range of products grow - as I write this they're one of the UK's top supplies of CBD, and offer a wide range of full-spectrum and top-quality CBD oil, skin balm and other products.
Lost on Green Mile Hemp Pouch Smoking Bag Review
In the video today we talk about these lovely hemp connoisseur pouches from Lost on Green Mile. We love everything about these, from the branding to the fact that the fibres are 100% hemp, this fits in perfectly with our smoking supplies and will be getting plenty of use at smoking sessions! We will also be giving you a chance to win you own later on today via our facebook page. You can also buy them here on the Lost on Green Mile website.
The Many Uses of Hemp
The Many Uses of Hemp Part 3 – Food and Medicine
In the last two articles in our Many Uses of Hemp series I covered some of the main uses for the cannabis (hemp) plant.  I wrote about hemp’s uses for fuel and paper, and for textiles and building products, which are of course just some ways that the hemp plant can be used for the benefit of mankind. Hemp awareness is something that is slowly becoming more apparent in society.  Many great people have made it their life’s ambition to educate people about the benefits of hemp and it has begun to pay off.  When researching for the last article I read in the Telegraph about a couple in England that are building a house entirely out of hemp products, creating next to no carbon footprint and building a house that will outlast any other house on the street due to the quality of the building products. In this article, I will focus on the uses of hemp for Food and also the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.