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Mildew on a Cannabis Plant
A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Plant Diseases and Pests: Identification and Prevention
As the cannabis industry flourishes across the UK, we must remember that growers have been breeding and growing cannabis plants successfully despite prohibition for decades. However, those who grow cannabis must navigate a myriad of cannabis plant diseases and plant pests that threaten to undermine their hard work. From seedling to harvest, these issues can…
How To Breed Your Own Cannabis Strains Successfully

Whether you enjoy recreational use of cannabis or you need it for medicinal purposes, growing your own cannabis strains is a good idea. Given that there are hundreds of cannabis strains with different properties such as aroma, color, etc, you can combine them to breed your own unique cannabis strain.

You do not have to be a professional grower in order to successfully breed cannabis strains. All it takes is knowing the basics about marijuana genetics as well as a thing or two about plant cultivation. Here is a basic overview of the process:
cannabis grafting cannabis
Grafting Cannabis: Multiple Strains on One Plant

Grafting in the gardening sense simply means taking a donor cutting (branch) from one plant, which is called a Scion. Then attaching this donor limb/Scion to another plant known as the Rootstock.

This is an old practice within the flower and fruiting worlds, yet it seems like an overlooked skill within our community. Odd, especially when you consider some of the most common issues faced by the smaller non-commercial growers. Things such as enforced plant number limitations, or the simple but ever common space restrictions that we all seem to face at one time or another. So in theory utilizing the Grafting technique, we gain the ability to have multiple strains growing off the one mother plant. This, of course, opens up the grower’s world to more choices strain wise, whilst also keeping your plant numbers under any required levels.   
What are PGRs and are they bad for me? | PGRs Weed
Article Summary In recent months, the conversation around Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) in cannabis cultivation has resurfaced, sparking a blend of curiosity and concern among consumers and cultivators alike. With the global PGR market projected to grow significantly, it's crucial to understand what PGRs are, their implications for cannabis quality, health effects, and the environment. What…