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The Many Uses of Hemp by Tyler Green
As I revisit my exploration of the versatile and enduring benefits of Hemp, first shared through ISMOKE magazine in 2011-2012, it strikes me how much our understanding and acceptance of cannabis, in its various forms, has evolved. Back then, the articles were delivered piecemeal, in segmented insights. I present this compendium today, uniting those insights…
string beans
Hating String Beans

The first time I ever saw a string bean, I was 13 years old. I was dining with my family in a small, local restaurant, when a plate containing string beans arrived at our table.

When I say string beans, I mean long, thin, immature runner beans, you may call them something else, fine beans, green beans, you might even call them haricot vert. I’d never seen them before, because my father absolutely detested them and they were banned from my childhood home. I don’t think I can overstate just how much my father hated string beans. He hated them with the sort of passion usually reserved for ex-wives, rival sports teams and politicians. He despised them, hard.
REVEALED: Shocking link between tea drinking and EVERYTHING BAD!

These are the shocking results of a newly released study linking tea drinking with crime and mental illness: A staggering 98.6% of all murderers, rapists, and muggers drink tea! And even more startling, the same percentage of people who develop severe forms of psychosis also consume this pernicious beverage.

This landmark study, funded by ATG (Avoid Tea Group) was conducted over 10 years by a very respected research group based at the King of Fools College in South London and their affiliated organisation, Truly, Madly, Deeply (TMD) Hospital.
The Wonders of Medical Cannabis for Children

The thought of using medical cannabis as a treatment option for children is probably not the first thing in most parents’ minds even though it is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The truth is that medical cannabis is actually completely safe for treating many different kinds of childhood ailments.

In a lot of cases the primary component of cannabis that is being used to treat children is CBD (cannabidiol). Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the main psychoactive constituent in cannabis, CBD does not make you high meaning parents won’t have to worry about their kids becoming “zoned out” if they get treated with CBD. In many cases, CBD just might be the “miracle” that many parents are looking for when it comes to treating their children’s ailments. But make no mistake, THC is used to tread kids as well.