Casey Jones ISMOKE Review

Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review

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Casey Jones is a cross of Oriental Express X East Coast Sour Diesel. It is named after a train engineer that died saving people from a Train Crash over 100 years ago – Oriental Express is a cross of Trainwreck and Thai cannabis strains, giving you some idea of the origin of the name of this strain.

Casey Jones is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid, delivering a heady, chatty high – we love this strain because it looks, tastes and smells particularly distinct and complex.

This batch, the “Mr Organics Cut” was grown in the UK, and was grown organically too.

Let’s go into detail about the attributes of this strain:

Casey Jones Strain Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo.


This sample looks really complex – the trichome coverage is heavy, sparkling, and they’re almost dripping from the bud.

The colouration and shape of this are both wonderful, adding to the complexity. The pistils are a vibrant golden colour and are easily visible on the bud.

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


Another complex attribute of the Casey Jones is its smell – dank, pungent, earthy and slightly gassy.

The smell of Casey Jones is intoxicating and I am immediately impressed, even before breaking it open or grinding it up. After breaking the sample apart, I get even more of a delicious dank scent that makes me immediately want to smoke some.

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


Consuming Casey Jones through my Widow Maker Bong, I’m getting a dank gassiness that comes through in terms of the flavour.

In fact, the smell of the strain comes through the bong perfectly, which marks this out as well-grown and well-cured, as none of the taste is lost.

I’m reminded of the flavour of Trainwreck, but this Casey Jones tastes a bit more gassy than the version of that which I remember.

I also enjoyed consuming this strain through my Genius Pipe; another enjoyable way to smoke it – the flavour of this strain is great!

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE

Note: This sample also leaves very white ash.


Casey Jones isn’t the fastest acting strain, so hitting the pipe and then the bong in quick succession means that I’m treated to the effects of both simultaneously!

The sativa-led effects are pleasant, although the indica relaxation does work its way into the uplifting, cerebral high – the first thing I’m treated to is a wave of happiness as the strain kicks in.

Then that fades and I get a nice creative and relaxed focus (zen?), making this a good option for a daytime smoke.

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE


Casey Jones is one of my favourites and for good reason! The incredible complexity of this strain make it a wonderful option for cannabis connoisseurs.

It is worth noting that people have reported different variations of Casey Jones, with some differences in the effects in particular – however, this batch seemed to match up well to the research I did about this strain online.

Getting to sample this organic version was an enjoyable experience, and everything from the appearance to the effects left me feeling impressed. I would smoke this sample again!

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Cannabis Strain Information & Review, ISMOKE

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