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Carbon system adapter and filter for bongs

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This week we’ve been improving our bong-smoking experience with a filter specially designed for the purpose.

The carbon system adapter by EHLE is an open-ended glass adapter that fits between your bowl and your bong, which is then filled with activated carbon pellets designed to catch tar and unwanted carcinogens before they’re inhaled.

What you’ll need to filter your bongs

All you need to add this to your own smoking setup is the correctly-sized adapter by EHLE (£17.99). You’ll also need the activated carbon pellets, also by EHLE (£8.99). Finally, you’ll need a glass gauze suitable for the job (£9.99 – 2pk).

The total cost is £36.97 for this setup, minus the cost of your own glass bong. We’ve used the Double UFO Percolator bong from Blaze Glass for this demonstration.

You can use our code ISMOKE for 10% off this setup on the Everyone Does it Head Shop

Have you tried filtering your bongs? How did you find the experience? Tweet us your comments to join the conversation @ISMOKEMEDIA



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