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Cannabis Terms Explained 01

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Cannabis is a remarkably diverse plant which comes in many specific strains, each with their own special characteristics: Over the centuries, and particularly over the course of the past few decades, mankind has helped to cultivate a mind boggling array of cannabis strains.

In order to help categorise different types of cannabis, breeders will typically lump a plant into one of two main varieties: ‘Sativa’, or ‘Indica’.


Sativa plants are true globe-trotters of the weed world, whose genetics can be found in many diverse locations throughout the planet, from the Caribbean to South East Asia.


Indica plants can trace their lineage back to specimens from The Hindu Kush and locations dotted around central Asia: Such genetics are prized for their ability


In the world of weed seed genetics, the world’s top breeders now have their science down to such a high degree that they can accurately sort seeds according to their sex: But why would they want to do this?

The answer is simple: Feminised cannabis seeds are the most popular among growers.

Feminised cannabis seeds are prized for their ability to produce more desirable plants than their male counterparts, which tend to be useful only for the purposes of producing more seeds.

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When it comes to grower-friendly cannabis strains, Auto-Flowering genetics are known for their ability to produce hardy, low-maintenance plants which can flower without the need for massive amounts of photo-period tinkering: They are pretty much ‘set and forget’.

Dwarf plants

‘Dwarves’ are diminutively-sized cannabis plants which have been bred for their ability to produce rapid, easy-to-manage results which are perfectly suited to indoor growers or those with limited space at hand for cultivation.

Medical Marijuana


Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the main chemical components of cannabis which can be attributed to the herb’s psychoactive effects. This is the main component that cannabis users who want a high look for.


CBD (Cannabidiol) is the component of cannabis that is most effective in the treatment of pain and other medical issues. The higher the CBD content and lower the THC content the more suitable cannabis is to be used in medical circumstances.