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Cannabis Strain Spotlight: OG Ghost Train Haze

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Genetics: OG Kush x Trainwreck x Nevil’s Haze

What’s particularly impressive about OG Ghost Train Haze is its staggering THC content.

We can imagine just one smoke of this would be enough to get you sky high!

, Cannabis Strain Spotlight: OG Ghost Train Haze

Back in 2012 this strain took the accolade as strongest strain in the world and even a High Times cover with just over 25% THC. Now 4 years later a variety has been tested with 36% THC by Analytical 360 – Cannabis Testing Laboratory 

Here are a list of the effects, by somebody over at marijuana.com lucky enough to get their hands on a sample:

Effect: according to some of the more experienced heads this strain produces a borderline psychedelic high which has been known to couch lock even the most experienced smoker. When consumed at lower dosages the high tends to be much more manageable, even allowing for enjoyable social interaction. While the elevated sensation wears off in about two hours, the hyperkinetic energy and creative juices continue to flow for up to three hours.

Scent: the fire flavor and dank haze aroma hails from the mother’s gene pool and is complemented by the chart-topping potency of the Kush male – when combined as one, this strain offers a connoisseur smoke guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced smoker.

Growth and Seed Info: the mad seed breeders over at Rare Dankness breeder have often boasted that this strain kicks ass in warmer outdoor climates and is a particularly high-yielding strain when trained to grow low – allowing the branches and Bud nodes fill out the canopy.

Medicinal Application: OG Ghost Train Haze is the perfect strain for patients who suffer from depression, chronic pain, and HIV wasting syndrome.

Well, this one has made our taste-buds water! We’ll be back with more super strains soon.


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