Cannabis Recipes: Hot Chocolate Cannabis Drink in 3 Easy Steps

1 min read

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favourite herbs? Try out this amazing cannabis infused hot chocolate

You will need:

  • Cannabis buds (0.5 grams per person as a rough guide)
  • One cup of Full Fat Milk (Blue top) per person
  • Hot Chocolate Powder
  • Strainer

Step 1:
Heat up the milk in a pan until it’s just too hot to keep your fingers in.

Step 2:
Ground up your bud and add it to the milk on the pan. Simmer for 20-25 minutes.  The milk will absorb the THC from the cannabis.

Step 3:
Put your chocolate powder in a cup and then pour the milk from the pan through the strainer into the cup. Mix with the chocolate powder and enjoy!