Why Cannabis Is a Better Pain Medication Than Any Other

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I had smoked cannabis recreationally for many years and had heard the claims that it was useful for numerous ailments such as MS and, appropriately, pain relief. I must admit however that I had never really put much stock in these claims, I simply liked getting stoned, but decided to try smoking on a medical basis rather than just to have a chill and a laugh with friends.

I was absolutely amazed at the effects it had on my levels of pain. Having been a resin smoker for many years I always had a “bucket” set up in the utility room and decided to use this with herbal marijuana when in pain instead of rolling a joint. The relief from my pain was incredible, within 5 minutes of smoking this self-medicated  pain relief the pain was reduced to a very manageable level….and I felt great! I had an appetite, something which was missing with morphine, and I was happy and bright and laughing with friends, instead of being this smacked out zombie-looking misery in the corner.

Since then, although I still require A&E visits on occasion, I have declined the doctors’ requests to begin taking large amounts of morphine again. I have explained to my doctors and pain consultants, openly and honestly, that I smoke marijuana for pain relief and that I would rather spend the rest of my life in pain than go back to the hell of morphine addiction.

The most difficult part of it all has been the need to explain to my 76 year old, privately educated and very old-fashioned Mother that I now smoke large amounts of illegal narcotics instead of taking the legal prescription drugs from the doctors. Thankfully she is a very open minded individual and had seen what the prescription drugs were doing to me.

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