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Green Europe: Cannabis Laws in Germany And Poland Under Review

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Europe is currently experiencing a period of change as more countries, led by Germany and Poland, begin to look at their cannabis laws. 

The European Union has a policy of leaving domestic drug laws up to its members’ countries. As a result, they are free to change their cannabis laws without EU intervention. 

Cannabis laws are under review in Germany and Poland as government bodies begin to acknowledge its medical properties.

Cannabis Laws in Poland

The Polish Parliament is debating on new legislation that would make cannabis available to tens of thousands of citizens with a range of health issues.

Leafly reports that:

“A parliamentary commission had its first meeting on the matter last month, a response to the tireless efforts of recently formed political movement Kukiz’15 as well as activists from the NGO Wolne Konopie (Free Cannabis Association) and the Coalition of Medical Marijuana, which consists of doctors, lawyers, patients, and patients’ families.

The proposed new law would allow patients to grow cannabis at home and produce their own preparations. Patients would require permission from a regional pharmaceutical inspector and medical authorization by a physician, listed in  a special register of the health ministry.”

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Cannabis Laws in Germany

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Berlin is going to trial a legal cannabis scheme. The Independent reports:

“Berlin is on course to at least semi-legalising marijuana after a cross-party movement agreed on a ground-breaking pilot scheme.

The capital’s Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party have agreed on a “controlled distribution of cannabis to adults” project.

Cannabis possession is illegal in Germany, although people found with less than 15g are often not prosecuted.”

ISMOKE reported earlier this year that Germany is also set to introduce a medical cannabis programme next Spring. While there is still a long way to go, it seems that cannabis laws in Germany are inching closer to reform.

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All this positive news comes hot on the heels of America going green last week. Eight states have now introduced either medical or recreational cannabis programmes. As a result, more than 50% of US states have access to cannabis in one form or another.

Best of all, this positive momentum looks set to continue.

Legalise Cannabis worldwide!

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