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Cannabis Heroes : Tottenham Compassion Club

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One of our reporters has launched a video series all about UK cannabis heroes.

In this new video series produced for Medical Marijuana UK, Miles Casey explores some of the UK cannabis heroes putting themselves on the line for patients.

Miles recently attended one of the TTCC awareness events where he got the footage for this video.

He writes: Tottenham Compassion Club are unlike anything I’ve encountered in the cannabis community; they truly care about the medicinal potential of cannabis. The passion and energy that radiates from them really is inspiring; it’s hard to walk away from one of their events without a desire to want to help as many people as possible! Freely handing out medicated balms and caps like they were toffee, the club clearly put patients over profit; something which is missing from some cannabis clubs. Speaking to medicinal cannabis patients reminds you just how important cannabis activism is. Without dedicated guys like TTCC, desperate patients like Georgi would still be in pain. I can’t encourage people enough to get involved with your local cannabis/compassion club! If there isn’t one near you, set one up!”

You can watch episode 1 below:

TTCC awareness

I have been aware of the great work that Tottenham Compassion club have been doing since we first attended one of their events in 2016.

The video showcases some of their great work and speaks to patients directly benefiting, as well as the event and club organisers.

I’d like to see more of this, please!

In a country where patients are criminalised for using cannabis, it restores a bit of my faith in humanity to see people risking everything so that others can live a normal life! Keep up the great work TTCC.

Tyler Green

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