Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

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Today we would like to introduce you to SuperApplePie, an artist based in the US with a passion for cannabis art (and colouring books!)

, Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

Super Apple Pie was born in a Top Secret laboratory in a remote region where the world’s most twisted scientists were creating an army of super humans.

From a young child, Super Apple Pie was a trouble maker and master of tom-foolery. Much to the dismay of her creators, she always had too much of a liking for the silly. After years of trying to get her to comply, the scientists (who were not all mean evil creatures) finally realized she would never be an instrument of war. Taking pity upon her they decommissioned her and sent her to live with a family of artists. There she was homeschooled and her life was filled with love and joy.

She later went to college in PA for specialized make-up effects and props. After college she moved to Los Angeles to use her training and was the Assistant Coordinator of the Art Department at Maker Studios. A few years later she found that her real passion was not in FX but in illustration and cannabis. She had been combining the two ever since with super-human strength (for she was created that way and can’t help it).

“All the cannabis art you see before you is meant to make you laugh and if I’ve done it right you are laughing out loud as you read this. I love every minute I spend working on a piece; from coming up with a silly back story to looking at the finished product that I have created. Each piece of my artwork is made with love, giggles, joy and a little bit of my adopted father who taught be everything I know about being a crazy person….. I mean artist.”

, Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie , Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of SuperApplePie’s Kush Colouring Books, which has already provided us with hours of high entertainment. You can purchse the Kush Colouring Book on Amazon here.

, Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

Here is some more awesome stoner art by SuperApplePie:

And finally, here are some cannabis art pictures courtesy of SuperApplePie that you can print off and colour yourself! For more you should purchase the kush colouring book which has loads of designs to colour in.

, Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie , Cannabis Art By SuperApplePie

Follow SuperApplePie on Instagram for fresh Cannabis art!

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