Canada becomes the second Country in the world to legalise cannabis for recreational use

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Congratulations to stoner friends in Canada who woke up this morning to a legal cannabis market for all adults across the Country!

This makes Canada the second country (after Uruguay) to legalise cannabis recreationally and allow all adults to consume and purchase the drug.

While the legalisation move is far from perfect, with some strange restrictions quantities and harsh punishments for those breaking the rules, the fact that millions of Canadians can now go and buy their cannabis in stores – or online – is a step forward in the worldwide legalisation movement.

Those convicted of cannabis possession will reportedly also be pardoned under the new laws which came into place on midnight, 17th October 2018. Buzzfeed is reporting that “According to multiple media reports in Canada, the country’s federal government will hold a press conference in Ottawa Wednesday morning to make the announcement, just hours after recreational pot becomes legal across the country.” Read more

So from today adults of at least 18 years old will be allowed to carry and share up to 30 grams of legal marijuana in public, according to a bill that passed the Senate in June. Other announcements include that cannabis will be legal to smoke in National Parks, and even by the nation’s Military.

And cannabis won’t be sold in the same location as alcohol/tobacco in the country. Consumers are expected to purchase the drug from retailers regulated by each province/territory, or from federally licensed producers.

We hope that the UK takes a leaf out of Canada’s book and legalises cannabis for recreational use, removing it from the criminal system and freeing up already tightened resources to fight real crime.

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