How Can We Protect Medical Cannabis Consumers in the UK?

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This is an accompanying post to our YouTube video We need to protect medical cannabis consumers in the UK, which you can watch below or by clicking here.

At present, medical cannabis consumers in the UK are subjected to the same laws as any cannabis consumer- that means that if you are using herbal cannabis to treat your condition, you’re a criminal in the eyes of our Government.

The answer to this question is clear – we need to legalise cannabis and regulate access urgently for medical cannabis patients. We need our doctors to be able to prescribe cannabis to patients who would benefit.

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We need to do this to protect everybody, including medical cannabis consumers, from unscrupulous people who may try to con them, even when it is a matter of life and death. We need to protect them from dealers who may sell harder drugs and organised gangs involved in violent criminal activity.

And we need to protect medical cannabis consumers from the law itself which may take away their medicine, their rights or their children all based on backwards and outdated laws.

I firmly believe now that it is a matter of when not if cannabis will be legalised in the UK. With charities like MS Society finally standing up and admitting the effectiveness of cannabis is for its patients for whom no other treatment works, it looks like more people are starting to see sense. I hope to see more organisations following-suit and providing enough exposure (let’s be honest, the evidence is already there) to topple the weakly-held view of cannabis prohibitionists in the UK.

Medical cannabis patients deserve legal access to their medicine. Please share if you agree.

You can watch the accompanying video to this post here:

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