CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information

4 mins read

This week we are taking a look at another exclusive strain – CaliPo. This one is new to the UK market, bred by Arc Fams & the Cali_Po Cartel.

CaliPo is a sativa-dominant strain that is making its way around the UK right now. Originally bred in 2014, the current batch came from a 2017 seed selection that saw 10 mother plants. Suffering from neglect and even some spider mite, eventually – and fortunately – this phenotype was saved.

CaliPo, CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


This sample looks great – it feels solid i.e. dense, and it is well-developed with good trim job and good colouration. The pistils are a rich golden colour, and the bud itself is made up of shades of light green.

As I’m handling this it is sprinkling trichomes everywhere, and I already can’t wait to get it into the grinder and smoke some!

CaliPo, CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Apparently, the genetics of this strain are not known (at least by us or our contacts at this stage), but I can smell strong orange and citrus, with hints of grapefruit.

The CaliPo smells sweet without the pungency, setting it apart from Marmalade, ODV3 and the other awesome orange-inspired cannabis strains we’ve come across.

The aroma of this sample is perhaps one of my favourite things about it. A delicious orange aroma that isn’t what you would expect. Breaking open the flower, I get literal hints of Calippo (the ice lolly popular during my childhood), so it feels particularly well-named.

CaliPo, CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


Consuming this through my Snoop Dogg Mothership bong, this seems to unleash a lot of power very quickly. The high kicks in fast, resulting in very red eyes that you’ll see from about halfway through the review video.

During the video I also coughed a fair bit after two bowls, partially due to a cough I’m suffering from at the moment. The bong smoke gives a sweet orange flavour reminicient of the smell of the strain, but not overtly strong tasting when smoked in this way.

Vaping this in the Mighty Vaporizer, I get the delicious nuances of the sweet orange notes – like a sweet zesty sort of taste. It tastes smooth and clean, delicious at 180 degrees celsius.

The Calippo ice lolly taste is also detectable in the vaporizer, so I’m glad I opted to use the Mighty for this review. Vaping is my preferred consumption method whrehn it comes to the CaliPo cannabis strain by Arc Farms and the Cali_Po Cartel.

CaliPo, CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


As mentioned above, this one kicked in hard, and it kicks in fast. As a sativa-dominant strain, this is the sort of thing I prefer to smoke in the daytime, but you can see from the video just how red it made my eyes, so it maybe not the best one for discreet daytime smoking!

The effects are very nice, uplifting and clear-headed. The head high of CaliPo leaves me feeling creative and inspired.

CaliPo, CaliPo Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE


I like how different the CaliPo strain is to other strains. I also like the effects of this one, making it good for smoking in the daytime.

The UK is bringing some fire to the table with this one, and I look forward to seeing more reaction to it from an international audience.