Busking Pigeon T-Shirt

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, Busking Pigeon T-Shirt

Every now and then ISMOKE Magazine gets sent something awesome to review and share. Today we received the “Busking Pigeon” T-Shirt, courtesy of Olivia Pigeon.

, Busking Pigeon T-Shirt

, Busking Pigeon T-Shirt

We must say, we are very impressed with the design and the quality of the print. The t-shirts are original, funky and stylish, and will definitely be getting worn to a few raves!

They’re just £10 over at oliviapigeon.bigcartel.com, and there are also other designs available, including a Rasta Pigeon T-Shirt (coming soon) that we’re pretty excited about.

If you’re going to buy a T-Shirt, why waste your money in Top Man or somewhere mainstream where there is a very real danger that hundreds or thousands of other people will be wearing the same Tee as you? This is why when it comes to T-Shirts, the internet is the way forward.

More Sick T-Shirts coming soon!

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