Bulletproof Cannabis Coffee Shots

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Today we tried our own version of bulletproof coffee using some tips we picked up from the internet.

For those of you that don’t know bulletproof coffee was engineered to provide an extra boost in the morning – you replace the milk with melted butter and essential oils (you can see where we are going with this!)

This does some real sciency shit, which basically means that the coffee kicks you up the rear end and into your day, avoiding the dreaded zombie state.

We added cannabis extract in place of the essential oils, and gosh did it taste good! There are several reported ways to make this, but the ISMOKE way is as follows:

  1. Make some cannabutter
  2. Brew up a nice espresso double shot or suitable alternative
  3. Mix together – about a 1.5 teaspoons of cannabutter (or however much you require/to taste), Bulletproof Cannabis Coffee Shots
  4. Stir, add sugar to taste and enjoy!, Bulletproof Cannabis Coffee Shots

Even without the cannabis, this is a tasty addition to coffee. We’ll try it out a few more times and update this article with any relevant info we find, so check back soon.

As a bonus, have you ever wondered what to do with your vaped material? Don’t throw it out! Here’s a way to make ABV – Already Been Vaped – Coffee:

Have you had bulletproof or ABV coffee? Let us know by tweeting @ismokemag

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