Green Pride 2017

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Green Pride 2017 took place last weekend in Preston Park, Brighton. And what an event it was! Thousands of cannabis users attended the event in a fitting celebration of UK cannabis culture.

People attended this year’s Green Pride from far and wide, and we spoke to people that had travelled all the way down from the North West to be a part of this year’s event.

Held by Brighton Cannabis Social Club, Green Pride, now in its fourth year, attracts a growing number of people which currently amasses a few thousand annually but is expected to keep growing with the full backing of the cannabis community.

Attendee numbers at Green Pride this year were approximately 3-4000 throughout the day, which was a great turnout!

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
Green Pride 2017

Stalls and vendors attended Green Pride to offer their wares, and there was plenty to chose from, from your everyday head shop supplies to The Neutralizer, an award-winning brand set to take the odour elimination market by storm. (Look out for an ISMOKE review of The Neutralizer very soon.)

There were some speakers on the day, shortly before 4:20 including Greg de Hoedt (UKCSC) and Jonathan Liebling (UPA). There was also live music in more than one area of the park, as well as food that could be purchased from caterers.

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
The Neutralizer Stall

We saw lots of the usual faces from the activist community showing support for the event, and also a lot of new people attending their first cannabis event, which was great.

Most of the cannabis clubs and activists we knew were in attendance at this event and plenty brought stalls to raise awareness. (Too many to list!)

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
Hampshire Cannabis Community stall

Hopefully event attendees and those looking to get more involved in the cannabis community left with new energy, ideas and inspiration – it is events like this which help energise the community and grow our numbers and impact as we fight for cannabis legalisation in the UK.

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017

Of course, the police must be mentioned, as they did try and impose themselves, particularly early on in the day at the event. But, as expected, by about 2-3pm the crowd was big enough that we could all consume in relative safety, and the numbers just kept growing, in a true display of cannabis spirit.

Look at this 40gram beast of a bat which was passed around at 4:20pm (while the police looked on disapprovingly)

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
Jammin holding the 40g batton

I have nothing but love for the UK cannabis community especially the people making these events happen, so we will support them any way we can. Subscribe to ISMOKE to be kept up-to-date with UK cannabis events and more!

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
Somebody gave me a cannabis seed

See you next year, Green Pride!

Green Pride 2017, Green Pride 2017
This is the event when we left, close to 6pm, still in full swing

By Tyler Green
@Hightylergreen (Twitter)

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