Borofest Glass Festival 2018

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Everybody who attended this year’s Borofest celebrations shares one thing in common:

They all agree that something special went down last weekend in the forest in Bedfordshire!

Borofest is an annual event which takes place in the UK and attracts attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Arriving at the venue on Saturday morning I was actually one of the late ones, with guests turning up from the afternoon before to set up camp and begin the festivities. Some left on Saturday evening, some on Sunday, but I stayed right through until Monday morning before packing up.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Some of the tents set up at Borofest 18

The campsite and stalls were situated on a bit of land that was half-wooded, with the amenities built right into the forest itself (in style) – there were hot showers and a tree WC located 50 metres from us as well as the regular portaloos on site.

Just inside the edge of the forest was music stage no.1 which was playing a variety of music throughout the weekend. There was also a second stage for music located on the other side of the festival plot.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Music stage set up in the woods at Borofest this year

Wandering along from our campsite further into the woods I came to more tents set up and dotted about, and a few stalls including central British dispensary with their range of CBD products.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Axe Throwing at Borofest 18

Just along from this (in one of the coolest parts of the woods, temperature-wise) was the axe-throwing, something that I was surprisingly not bad at. It was satisfying to hear the thunk of the axe hitting the target!

A short walk away through the forest into an opening was the glass tent which held 18 torches and 30+ glass artists as they worked on glass art and gave lessons throughout the weekend.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Burtango Glass on the torch

In attendance were Dok Glass, Glass Haze, Tsari Glass, Viking Glass, Hive Glass, Cutthroat Glass, Butango Glass, Mellow Glass, Jake Glass, Jam Solo Glass, Glass Dreams, Brighton Glass and many, many more.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Glass Haze on the torch at Borofest

The collaboration piece made by Dok and added to by a lot of the other artists had something like 28 attachments!

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
Dok Glass + other artist collaboration piece

Smoking Gear was there doing the glass sales – they are a headshop from Denmark who also host the European Flame Off which will be taking place later on this summer in London and will be covered by ISMOKE.

Heading out of the glass tent and along a straight path there was another central area marked by a big pile of hay bales which included a covered-area and some food and drinks stands. This was where the famous Borofest raffle took place on Sunday.

The prizes for this raffle were vast and it took a while to get through them! I won two mini goodie bags and the main prize of the day – the Borofest collab pipe – went to Robo Linders who is going to display it as a showpiece.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE

The vibe was absolutely incredible throughout the weekend at this year’s Borofest thanks to the awesome work of Jim, Kieran and the rest of the Borofest team who were there setting up for days beforehand and are probably only just about getting home now.

As a collector, I, of course, scooped a couple of new pieces of glass during the weekend. I came home with Woodsey the Alien by Brighton Glass and a Mellow Glass bottle which are both stunning and will be getting plenty of use at the ISMOKE HQ.

Borofest, Borofest Glass Festival 2018, ISMOKE
A selection of Jam Solo Glass’s available work (and a Glass Haze pipe)

I have attended many festivals over the years and this one will always be remembered as a perfect weekend in the forest with good dabs and great company!

We can’t wait for next year’s Borofest already and will be covering it on the website once again.

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