That isn’t what Your Bong is for

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An unfortunate reddit user got the wrong kind of hit when he lit his bong in the dark this week:

He reports: Me and a friend were going to go smoke some weed outside as his wife won’t let us do it in the house. But it is a rather chilly day here in Missoula, so we went to a large shed connected to the side of the house. It was normally lit with a shop light, but my friend had taken it out earlier to work on his car. He went off to get the light while I loaded the bowl. He was taking his sweet time so I went to take a hit and realized I had dropped the dense nugget of weed on the ground. I picked it up and reloaded it, and took a big rip. I didn’t get anything from it so I broke it up a little bit with my fingers. Hit it again and I got smoke but it tasted foul. I chalked it up to this being some old stuff I found in the dresser. I rip it a third time and get a huge cloud that makes me gag. About then my friend comes in and plugs in the shop light. He points at the floor “Hey there’s some weed on the ground”. I look down, see the weed, see the pipe, see the pile of old dry cat shit and realized what I had done.”

, That isn’t what Your Bong is for, ISMOKE

We know it goes without saying but don’t try this at home.

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