Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review

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Here at ISMOKE we recently stumbled across perhaps the tastiest strain of cannabis we have smoked since Amsterdam.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you – Blueberry.

The Blueberry strain is without doubt one of the most iconic and colourful cannabis strains today. The origins of this strain date back to 1970’s America and a well-known cannabis breeder named DJ Short.

, Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

This Blueberry has bright calyxes with dark green leaves and long orange hairs. reasonably dense and perfectly dried, this bud is covered in crystals extending all over the leaves. Not trimmed to perfection, but still looks beautiful.

You know that sort of weed that you can smell, on yourself, half hour later on the walk home? Yeah it is that strong. This absolutely stank in a beautiful way, and my mouth was almost watering in anticipation by the time I got home. Strong, fruity smell that goes straight through a baggie and the pocket of your jeans, I ended up transferring this bud into a plastic tub to stop my whole house from stinking of peng.

As good as it smells – the taste is simply delicious. Really, really fruity, and not harsh, it leaves a lovely taste on the tongue after you exhale. Quite morish!

After my first spliff, I noticed that I had been staring into space for a good 5 minutes, it hit me hard and fast. The THC content of this batch must be high, as one spliff was enough to keep me really stoned for a good hour or so. Feels quite indica dominant, quite a bit of monging after heavy smoking, but with the sativary happiness. The intensity is similar to a strong cheese.

I paid £10 for 0.8g of this stuff, so it was pricey, but it was worth it. I would happily get this again.

A lovely smoke, one of my favourite English-grown-bought strains to date. Up there with Strawberry Cheese!

, Blueberry Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE

You can read a detailed history on Blueberry and its creator DJ Short over at seedsman here –

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