Biscotti & Dog Walker OG : Wake and Bake | Episode 35

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The latest episode in our weekly wake and bake series is now live on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

Each week we release this video to kick start your week in style with a smoking session featuring some brand new cannabis strains.

In this episode, we are going to be covering a US-imported strain called Biscotti, a surprisingly pungent sample I was given at the session last Friday.

Also featuring in this video is the igrade phenotype of Dog Walker OG which is a UK-bred cross of Stardawg and Skywalker OG. I won’t give too much about this one away as it is due to feature in an upcoming strain review!

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Wake and Bake, which you can also find on our Facebook page along with more videos here.

Watch Wake and Bake | Episode 35

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