Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Biker Mouse is a clone-only phenotype of Old Dirty Biker found by Black Sheep Botanicals. Old Dirty Biker is a discontinued strain made by Karma Genetics by crossing the Exodus Cheese cut with his own Biker Kush male.

The Biker Mouse strain is said to exhibit strong cheese characteristics, significant enough difference to other plants sharing the genetics be known by its own moniker.


Biker Mouse, Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

Biker Mouse captures a delicious old school look to it with vibrant greens and uniform shades which remind me strongly of skunk and, of course, one well-known parent – Exodus Cheese

The pistils aren’t hugely visible. With a well-developed bud structure also quite a bit reminiscent of cheese, the Biker Mouse strain looks great.

This sample has been trimmed to perfection, and generally looks great – there would be zero complaints from customers if they found this on the top shelf in a cannabis dispensary.


Biker Mouse, Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The aroma of Biker Mouse is wonderful – think of the sweet pungent skunk that is cheese and then add to it the earthiness of Biker Kush, itself mostly OG genetics.

Breaking the bud to release the full terp profile made this smell tremendously powerful with pungent notes hitting the nostrils.

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Taste + Consumption Experience

Biker Mouse, Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This strain smokes really well in a bong, delivering thick smooth smoke that tastes like a potent cheese cross, but mostly cheese with the terp profile.

Vaping this strain delivered perhaps my favourite vapour to date through the Mighty vaporiser; it was truly phenomenal stuff.

Sweet, pungent and delicious!


Biker Mouse, Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

The Biker Mouse strain kicks in quite quickly, delivering the familiar happy cheese high but with the power of Biker Kush, a very potent strain.

This one is a hybrid for sure, and the effects lifted me after just a few minutes and induced a giggly, chatty high. But it is great for in the evenings due to the potency and the almost care-free high I seem to get from it.


Biker Mouse, Biker Mouse Cannabis Strain Review & Information

This is a great strain and it has been a pleasure to feature it in this year’s review series. Black Sheep Botanicals have also done an excellent job with the grow, evident from the consistent smooth smoking experience and terp delivery regardless of consumption method. Top marks.

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