Berry Split Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Up next in our 2020 Strain Review series is Berry Split, bred by Kent Valley Farms. Berry Split combines Sour Banana Sherbet X Crushed Berries.

This hybrid cultivar is a new strain bred by Kent Valley Farms, combining their popular cut of Crockett Family Farms’ Sour Banana Sherbet with Buddoctor’s Crushed Berries.


, Berry Split Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The branding on the Berry Split bag is really cool, with HQ graphics and a note on the front “Grown in Living Soil“. The bag style is similar to previous strains we reviewed by Kent Valley Farms.

The bag has a childlock on it, which requires following instructions to follow – a cool feature, in my opinion.

The buds are a mix of potent green shades, light trichomes and deep orange pistils.

The bud sample is well developed, but overall has a slightly messy appearance which reminds me of Mataro Blue.


, Berry Split Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The smell of Berry Split reminds me of crushed berries, but with a more gassy side that comes away from the sweetness and towards pungency.

Breaking open the bud it releases a spice-influenced aroma – At first I thought this was cinnamon before realising that the spicey aroma I can smell in this strain is nutmeg.


, Berry Split Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

I consumed Berry Split in a couple of different ways for this review. Firstly, through the medical grade silicone Kali bong by Piecemaker Gear UK, and then through the Volcano Vaporizer.

It delivered a smooth smoke, although I was suffering from a cold at the time of consumption so I got a bit tight chested which may have come across in the video. I enjoy using the Piecemaker Gear, and own four of their pipes which all get some use amongst my regular glassware.

The vapour flavour of the Berry Split is really nice, delivering a pungent – surprise, surprise – berry flavour with some gassy power.

A great effect of this strain is that the vapour actually eased my chest, opening up my airways which were tight from smoking at the time. This is particularly interesting as I could detect the mentholated effect from one of the terpenes present in this flavour profile.


, Berry Split Cannabis Strain Review & Information, ISMOKE

The Berry Split hits like a body-led hybrid, delivering a relaxing stone a few minutes after consumption.

It is a strong variety, evident by my eyes mere minutes after hitting the first bowl.

I decided during filming this strain is suited to the afternoon or evening, but that it was also a fairly good allrounder for consumption at any time of day.

Video Review

You can my review of Berry Split below or alternatively click here to watch on YouTube.

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