Did you know that CBD oil is both legal and already available to buy in the UK?

It comes in all shapes and sizes and contains many of the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis – minus one thing – the THC.

The absence of THC (in anything but minuscule doses) means that CBD oil does not get you high, meaning the oil can be sold as a dietary supplement legally in the UK. (Update: The Novel Foods regulations apply from April 2021 which mean UK CBD oil products for the food market must receive market authorisation).

Medicinal applications (with good scientific results so far) include treatment for epilepsy, anxiety and schizophrenia amongst other conditions, with documented results available online. , The Benefits of CBD Oil, ISMOKE

The benefits of CBD oil are numerous and have been widely documented in recent years.

CBD Brothers review

Back in 2016, we got in touch with one company set up to provide medicinal grade CBD extract in a variety of forms to people in the UK. Now known as The Original Alterntive, CBD Brothes as they were known then were one of the first companies on the market in the UK providing full spectrum cannabis products high in CBD. To this date (2021), I still use a version of their paste daily. These products can be used as a dietary supplement or medicinally, with documented cases of them helping a number of conditions including the ones listed above.

CBD Brothers only use organic ingredients to add to their organically grown oils – even the capsule shells are vegetarian (pullulan).

They have a number of products including Capsules, White, Red and Black edition tinctures, Balm and high concentration pastes with a range of CBD content. The products can be consumed daily,  with the oil to be consumed every 6-8 hours for maximum results (this is how long the CBD is acting on your body) – repeating two or three times per day depending on condition.

We were sent a package of products by CBD Brothers:

, The Benefits of CBD Oil, ISMOKE

, The Benefits of CBD Oil, ISMOKEWe started with the oil, dripping a couple of drops under the tongue then waiting three minutes for the CBD to be absorbed before swallowing.  Like advertised, this product does not get you high but does contain many of the medicinal benefits that herbal cannabis can provide. The oil comes in three strengths using the same base paste with over 30% CBD, 500mg / 10ml, 1000mg / 10ml and 2000mg / 10ml so again, depending on the strength you need there are options to suit all.

, The Benefits of CBD Oil, ISMOKE

The balm is for rubbing into the skin and will aid healing when applied topically. People online say it helps with eczema, swelling, muscle pain and dry skin. It should be felt quite soon after application and can last up to  4 hours with aches and pains. We can attest to the pain-relieving properties of the balm and were surprised just how effective it was for deep muscle pain relief.

The capsules come in two strengths, 50mg and 100mg capsules using a paste with 16.4% CBD and can be taken daily if preferred to the oil. 

, The Benefits of CBD Oil, ISMOKE

CBD doesn’t get you high, so you can pick a dose which suits you (although there is a max recommended dose of 70mg per day in the UK), so you can up the dose you take daily to achieve better results. However CBD products, in general, aren’t cheap as it costs a lot to produce them – plus they have great medicinal value.

The great thing about CBD oil aside from its medicinal benefits is the fact that there are different options available, so you can ingest beneficial cannabinoids in a way that suits you.

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