Beeline: The Butane-Free Way To Smoke

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, Beeline: The Butane-Free Way To Smoke

Beeline is a new, cleaner way to smoke your medicinal herbs, light your tobacco pipe, or even light your cigarette. ?When introducing fire to your smoke of choice, it is inevitable that butane, or smelly distasteful chemicals will be inhaled to some degree when using conventional lighters/matches.

Beeline completely eliminates these unwanted elements, to leave you with a smooth, untainted smoke which would be unattainable when using an everyday lighter or matches.

100% renewable beeswax and hemp-wick are used to create Beeline, therefore making it not only friendly to your lungs, but also friendly to the environment. The materials used to make this product are also completely natural, and from a 100% organic source.?

Hemp is one of the oldest and most versatile materials on the planet. Some of its many uses include paper, food, clothing, oil, and many more. And because hemp takes 120 days to grow, rather than a tree’s hundred years, it is much friendlier to the earth. Not only this, but because of the robust nature of the plant, no pesticides or herbicides are needed.? The only other ingredient in this product is beeswax. This wax has been utilized for thousands of years, and has even been found in the tombs of Pharaohs. ?Studies on beeswax have also found that when burnt, the light spectrum emitted is exactly the same to that of the sun, helping to stimulate the pituitary gland, whilst also increasing intuition, creativity, and heightening dream activity.??So not only does this hemp-wick help you to experience the full flavour of your chosen smoke, it is also made from some of the oldest natural materials in the world.?? Beeline doesn’t just help to preserve the environment; it also helps towards preserving your lungs, whilst retaining the fullest flavour possible from your chosen smoke. ?

Odysseed are the official European distributor for Bee Line Hemp Wick.
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