Beach Wedding Extract Review

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This Diamonds and Sauce by Bear Extracts was made from the beach wedding cannabis strain, which combines Tropicana Cookies x Wedding Cake.

Beach Wedding, Beach Wedding Extract Review

It is an indica-dominant hybrid with solid relaxing effects and an overall pleasant high.

The smell is quite different to a lot of what we’ve come across in the cannabis world, encompassing both cookies and sour notes alongside the dank creaminess of its latter parent (wedding cake) it delivers a unique terp profile.

Beach Wedding, Beach Wedding Extract Review

Dabbing the Beach Wedding delivered a brilliant flavour, the uniqueness of the terp profile with the creamy cookies and wedding cake notes came through and merged with the sugary taste of the sauce, resulting in literal mouth-watering like eating a starburst.

Great flavour profile, extract presentation and top marks all around. You can watch our video featuring Beach Wedding below or here on our YouTube channel

What are Diamonds and Sauce?

Diamonds and Sauce combines two separate extracts – THCa diamonds and terpy sauce to create a powerful and tasty concentrate.

Beach Wedding, Beach Wedding Extract Review

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