On 15-17th March Spannabis 2019 took place in Barcelona, Catalonia. This cannabis-themed expo was a great event, attracting passionate cannabis industry and consumers from across the world.

Focused primarily on the European cannabis market, Spannabis takes place every March in Fira De Cornelia (near Liceu train station). The expo made headlines earlier this year when it was purchased by High Times for a reported $7 million.

Spannabis encompasses every side of the cannabis industry, from growing, to testing, to vaping and glass products, to clothing and apparel, and much, much more.  We saw companies from across the UK, EU, the US and South America exhibiting at Spannabis 2019.

I arrived in the City on Thursday 14th March, the day before Spannabis kicked off. This year I stayed with Stain Cainers and Doctor Denz, two other cannabis youtubers, in an apartment was just off Las Ramblas, a central part of Barcelona.

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Heading into Spannabis Day 1, I was filled with the familiar excitement about heading into Europe’s largest cannabis expo/gathering for my third year in a row.

I was invited to this year’s expo as guests by our friends Royal Queen Seeds, which included access to their VIP terrace overlooking the event. This provided an excellent space for filming and chilling when I wanted a joint away from the business.

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Royal Queen Seeds also gave me access to their new strain selection, so I got to try a few of their new strains – Lemon Shining, Hulkberry and Green Gelato were all good smokes.

We have a couple of forthcoming reviews featuring RQS strains, so watch this space! I also reviewed Strawberry Banana from We Flowers BCN out there whilst on the roof of our apartment, which you can watch below:

Spannabis this year was busier than ever, with the main expo hall plus five annexes, all filled to the brim with businesses and patrons exploring the cannabis industry.

I saw a lot of the UK cannabis community at Spannabis and it was good to catch up with fellow campaigners and industry professionals over the weekend. I love that you also get to interact with US/Canadian cannabis industry professionals at these things, and everybody shares some good insights.

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Networking is always great during Spannabis weekend as I find you just bump into awesome people – I managed to meet Dave (Terp Hogz) and the breeders of the Amnesia Cannabis Strain among many, many other cool people. We also had a good chat with Laughing Buddah Seeds, who make cannagars for the US market, about Canadian cannabis legalisation and how it will affect the world industry.

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At Spannabis the food options were good, as was the vibe of the whole place. The weather remained good throughout, but it wasn’t anywhere near as hot as Spannabis 2017. 

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During the evenings we visited a few different cannabis clubs. On the first evening we headed over to We Flower BCN, a club that has been one of our favourites for three year’s running.

We also visited The Plug BCN, enjoying some nice headbanger and catching up with East London Cannabis Club on our first night in Barcelona.

And during the last days of our BCN visit, I took a couple of trips to The Backyard BCN, enjoying the friendly vibe and good weed this club has to offer. It quickly became one of my favourite clubs in Barcelona, despite it being smaller than some of the others.

Overall we had a brilliant weekend, and look forward to doing it all again for Spannabis next year!

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