Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information

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Crossing Banana OG X Purple Punch, Banana Punch is a strain bred by Symbiotic Genetics.

banana punch, Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This sample came in a fully recyclable glass jar with a metal lid and printed branding. This design of jar is practically smell-proof.

The flower is a complex looking phenotype with strong vibrant shades of green, copper and the lighter sparkling of the trichomes.

The bud development is lovely, with all nugs showing their own structure. Reminds me of the Purple Punch I reviewed last August in its appearance.

The buds are reasonably dense but with some give, and have been trimmed well.

banana punch, Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information


As soon as the jar is opened the banana scent wafts off and is easy to pick up. This one smells dank.

In addition to the banana, a familiar kush earthiness is present.

Sweet banana with hints of tropical – maybe pineapple – also give this strain a delicious scent. Grinding it up the banana aroma takes over and really comes out in full force.

banana punch, Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Smoking this in a bong the flavour is present, but the bong doesn’t hit as smoothly as I was expecting.

The smoke is not acrid or weird tasting, but it does seem to burn a bit hotter than some other strains I’ve put through the bong. This could be a strain-dependent thing, or else something related to the growing/drying process maybe. I tested this with multiple bowls of Banana Punch just to be sure.

But Vaping this in the Mighty gives an absolutely fantastic banana sweet earthen taste which made me want a second vape right away once the first was done. The vape quality was also top-notch – a smooth, cool, great-tasting cloud with no sharpness or bitter which suggests a clean and well-grown sample.

banana punch, Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information


This strain hits just like you’d expect if you have ever consumed either of its parent strains.

Available in Seed form, this is a genotype grown by Marijuana Mike so other genotypes will express different characteristics, but it feels like this could be in the middle of the parents.

It has the familiar comfortable – even pleasurable – high from the Purple Punch lineage (going all the way back to the Afghan!) and a nice banana flavour that is really pronounced.

It hits me just right, and I love the balance that lies within the Banana Punch.

banana punch, Banana Punch Cannabis Strain Review & Information


Despite the smoke burning a little hotter than expected, this strain delivered a great high, good vapour flavour and smelt and looked good as well. Good marks from me.

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