B29 Cannabis, B29 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKEThis week we have another Cannabis Strain Review for your enjoyment as we take a look at B29 – a genotype developed by UK-based breeders B28 Genetics.


Skunk #1 X Green Crack


The B29 Cannabis strain is a light nuclear green, with the nuggets looking like dense little trees – long, dense and tight, visibly similar to the Green Crack strain which makes up half of its heritage.


Dank, earthy, skunkiness that reminds me a lot of Skunk #1. Has a fruity edge to it which reminds me it’s not Skunk #1 as that’s more on the Green Crack side.

It’s also cured correctly, reflected in the smell with a lovely deep enchanting Pinene scent.

B29 Cannabis, B29 Cannabis Strain Review, ISMOKE


The B29 tasted really smooth through my bong – I packed a massive bowl that took three hits to finish, and followed it up with another bowl which I hit in one for good measure.

The skunkiness is apparent, and the pinene comes through.


While it wasn’t as strong as I was expecting, the B29 gave a lovely high – reminiscent of the cerebral effects of the Green Crack but without the overpowering intensity that made GC a bit difficult to wake and bake.


Due to the exceptional bud quality, lovely taste and genetics, I think that B29 is a great cannabis strain. It’s effects make it well-suited for daytime consumption.

Not yet available in seed form – this strain could be one to watch out for.

Watch the ISMOKE Cannabis Strain Review of B29 below:

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