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Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Awareness Event August 2018

One of the best road trips I’ve had so far since getting my driving license back after a 2-year voluntary surrender following my brain surgery in January 2016, has been the long drive from North Wales to Dumfries and Galloways Awareness Event at “The Club” in Lincluden.

  When I arrived I was greeted by Club chairmen Tim Rees who had been working hard to prepare for the event with his brilliant finance Sandra Louise. For me, Tim sets a brilliant example of what’s expected from a club chairman; he goes out of his comfort zone to bring the community together with an educational event designed up promote both his club and educate to the public on cannabis.

Upcoming public event hosted by Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club

One of the highlights of our experience at Green Pride was meeting other new Cannabis clubs inspired by what the UKCSC has achieved in places like Durham and Teesside. One of the new ones we met was Dumfries & Galloway Cannabis Social Club. We hit it off pretty quickly with their leadership members who were delighted to be reminded that I was the guy who got a clear brain scan fighting brain cancer in the BBC Three documentary Dying For Weed.

What was brilliant for me meeting people who had seen the documentary in the past was how I could put some meat on the bones of exactly how I managed it and go onto achieve another 7 clear scan results and outlive my prognosis.

A Cash Crop For The Few?

In a year that has seen the first major national legalisation of cannabis in Canada, strongholds of legalisation in the States raise billions in tax via dispensaries, the ailing minority Tory government in the UK clings onto whatever it can of the dying model of prohibition. In many ways, the UK government has adopted a worse structure of prohibition by using it to create their own monopoly thanks to their corrupt and hypercritical licensing to their own corporate base via GW pharmaceutical’s 45 acre Skunk farm.

As the Tories own policy board chairmen recently cried in horror “You want to legalize Skunk!” to the UKCSC’s Greg de Hoedt on the Victoria Derbyshire program during weeks of the government playing chicken by denying prescribed cannabis medicine to the parents of children with pharma drug-resistant epilepsy, George Freeman exposed his lack of knowledge on cannabis when Greg was able to truth bomb on TV that his own government is benefitting from Skunk with their monopoly via GW Pharmaceuticals.

The Future of Law Enforcement & Cannabis in the UK

Having been on the front line of a cancer battle for the past 2 and a half years, I have been on a constant quest to keep myself learning so that I can outsmart the disease that turned my life upside down at the end of 2015.

Outsmarting the disease has felt like being on the run from a psychopathic killer that will take a mile if you give it an inch. So far I have been very successful going into remission early and staying there for longer than my prognosis.

Unfortunately, luck played a big part too and I say unfortunately because as a humanist, it’s frustrating that I cannot replicate my luck in others in this regard. I was lucky in two major ways. The first was that my cancer happened to have the right mutations to over-express CB1 receptors making it highly responsive to the entourage effect of simply vaping “Cheese” in a herbal vaporizer every night, crucially while I was halfway through a course of brain radiotherapy. The second was meeting a survivor who was further along than me who told me about the trial he was on to find how successful the ketogenic diet is against brain cancer. Not only did he give me some crucial lifesaving advice on starving cancer cells of the glucose it prefers to gain fuel on but he told me he started cannabis as soon as he was diagnosed. He happened to be a former police Sergeant so he stood as the first example to me of how indiscriminate serious chronic or “terminal” diseases can be.

Cannabis & Political Activism

Politics can be a cutthroat game when you look at it from a distance. You can almost simplify it down to good vs evil and when you are dealing with evil, you know your opponent has little regard for fairness/rules. This is why sociopaths do so well in business and politics. They have the charisma to persuade people to follow their lead and the absence of guilt to cheat their way through challenges.

This doesn’t mean you should just lay down and accept their ways though, far from it. When corruption is left unchallenged beyond a certain point it can lead to some of the worst events in history such as resource wars which unlike territorial or genuine wars against tyranny are perpetual in nature given that resources are so finite on 1 planet with exponential population growth. Since the end of World War 2 where around a total of 70 million civilian and military people died as a direct result of the conflict, a controversial term has been used called “The long peace” coined first by history John Lewis Gaddis in 1989 which is in reference to the fact that no rich major nuclear powers have had direct conflict with each other since World War 2.

The importance of scientific communication in the cannabis legalisation movement

To cut a long story short I’m 7 MRI scans in the clear from brain cancer. I couldn’t have achieved that without the support of the community I hope to communicate this article towards.

It’s been some time since many of us braved the cold to have our money and time wasted by a neoliberal suit inside parliament filibustering The Elizabeth Brice Bill. I went there with a sense of urgency under the idea that this Bill would be the best thing since sliced avocado (I can’t eat Bread). I had no idea who the UPA was, what the difference was between them and the other attending groups. All I knew, like many of the people I met there, was that showing up to represent your local cannabis social club would be better than nothing and any change in policy would be a step in the right direction.